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This is an image of the brown corded and faux turquoise beaded bracelet.

Turquoise Beaded Crochet Button Bracelet

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Product Description

If you feel like displaying a little festival fashion (even if you'’re not at the music festival or it’s not the weekend), this faux turquoise beaded bracelet will have you feeling like a free spirit as you listen to your favorite tunes (on the stage or the radio)! Turquoise colored beading creates a fun feel and color scheme against the brown, crocheted thread. The spacing and the elasticity of the beaded thread lends the look and feel a soft, three dimensional aspect that’s a blast to wear. This turquoise blue beaded bracelet measures 6.5"” long and approximately 1.75"” wide with a button and button hole closure. Its crocheted design has a little bit of give to fit slightly larger wrists.